Re-kindling our work in India...

In 2002, God led the Berean Fellowship to begin planting churches in India. The work became known as 300in3
and our goal was to train 300 Berean church planting pastors in 3 years.  (Specific details are not included for privacy reasons.) We are excited to re-kindle our work in India by partnering with Hope Venture in the 'Backpack Project' to provide tangible resources to our church planting pastors with the intent of reigniting church planting in their neighborhood villages.  

1,000 Backpacks Project

It's hard to imagine how $10 for a backpack full of school supplies can make such a difference, but when you live in a country that ranks first in illiteracy because most parents can't even afford 1 pencil, the backpacks make a huge difference .

Our desire is to provide 1,000 backpacks to our Berean pastor's in India by year-end of 2018. 
The backpacks will be filled with a year's worth of school supplies and distributed to our Berean church planting pastors, who will use them to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with neighboring villages.  It is our prayer that additional churches will be birthed out of this Backpack Project!  

A team from the USA Berean Fellowship will assist with the distribution of backpacks and evangelism efforts in March, 2019.

How can you help?

Each backpack is $10.00.  To give to the 1,000 Backpack Project, click here.

(You can also contribute through your local Berean Church by designating, India Backpack Project.)

If you'd like to give to our general church planting work in India click here then click the Give Online button, and 'India 300in3' in the drop down box.

Click videos to see how God is already working through the backpack project!